What do I remember best about my four week stay in England?  When Rachel asked me this she said I could name just four memorable occasions.

These are my top four:

Oxford radcliffe camera Laura and M   1.  During the trip to Oxford (which was a lovely day!), whilst waiting for the bus I took  Matthew (aged 7) to buy some water. I had to buy sparkling water as they had run out of bottles of still water.  Matthew was outraged, and  after spitting (!) a mouthful out, he  complained  loudly at the bus stop in front of loads of tourists!  It was so embarrassing!

2.  When the family dog Sparkles’ head erupted!!!  Let me explain…. She had been knocked on the head two days earlier, and a lump had  grown.  She scratched it and the lump « exploded », splashing blood all over the kitchen walls and floor.  The scene was one of panic, alarm  and distress.  Luckily it wasn’t serious and we took her to the vet.  However, I could not eat for the rest of the day as the thought of it put  me off my food!

Taxi Bike July 2014 London


3.  A day trip to London to see the sights, which ended with a ride on a taxi-bike – quite scary, really exciting and a lot of fun!  🙂

4.  Babysitting for the first time – after eating up all the pop corn, M & Ms and chocolate we watched a movie The Avengers.  When it was time to go to bed, Jonathan and Matthew were very good and went straight upstairs, brushed their teeth and fell asleep. « Buenas noches »


For phrasal verb fans – there are three in the above text…  Can you find them?